le 28 avril

**edit** Just a reminder that Constable McLaren will be joining you tomorrow to answer your amazing questions!

High Jump!! We started high jump today! It dawned on me that students would not have had the opportunity to try out high jump last spring- so we did a thorough introduction, reviewed safety procedures, and tried out our first jumps without and with the pole. SO much fun!

We also had our last review session before the Math test on Friday.

Lastly, the class was introduced to The Royal Game of Ur, a popular pastime in Ancient Mesopotamia. The online version we played in class can be found under WebQuest.

The Royal Game of Ur is noted as the predecessor of Backgammon, and reminded many students of Sorry. It’s really fun, a good blend of chance and strategy!

Les Devoirs:

  • Research for ADST project due demain
  • vendredi- Math Test, continued prep/filming of Mesopotamian Myth
  • lundi- filming of Mesopotamian Myth

À vendredi!