le 28 mai

Happy Friday! Today was another busy day!

We finally got to work with area of a circle- Apples Pies are Too! We also got to use some of our energy in the gym, I like seeing all the different activities that students choose to engage in during Open Gym. Today we had students trying to scale the large mat (safely!) as well as using the floor curling rocks in some impromptu curling- super fun!

We also had our second Health Chat with Jannika- today she went over the specific body changes that typically male bodies and typically female bodies undergo, what happens during conception of a fetus, and well as contraception options. On Teams I have shared the document that provides more information on the various contraceptive methods. Like Jannika said- our sessions with her are just a jumping off point, you are encouraged to do your own research about what’s best for your body.

Here are links to the videos she tried to show us: All About Getting Your Period and What Is A Wet Dream?

The website these videos come from AMAZE.ORG has lots of other really informative videos if you are curious.

Les Devoirs:

  • Orchestre lundi
  • BYOD toute la semaine
  • Projet #3 de SH (LA Structure Sociale et La Vie Quotidienne due vendredi

Bonne fin de semaine!