le 2 juin

It’s days like yesterday and today that I am thankful we are in the Chalet, air conditioning FTW!

Thanks to Dexter, Ty and Spencer for sharing Basket Pong with us in PE today!

We held a moment of silence this afternoon in recognition of the 215 children found and all Residential School victims and survivors. Everyone was very respectful, thank you.

Just a reminder, as the temperature rises and the weather gets more and more summer like, students are encouraged to dress accordingly for outside activities. Many students are wearing their hoodies even after being outside for longer periods of time. Heat stroke and exhaustion are definite possibilities we’d like to avoid, while still enjoying the benefits of being outside. Thanks in advance for your support!

Les Devoirs:

  • ADST Reflection pour Mme K
  • vendredi- Math Test
    • Projet de SH #3 (La Structure Sociale et la Vie Quotidienne) due
  • mardi- Livre de Mythe due

À vendredi!