le 8 juin

Thanks to everyone handed in their Myth Storybooks today, they look great! I have passed them over to Mme Stopa’s class to enjoy 🙂 If you are still working on yours, please get it to me ASAP, merci!

Track and Field Day tomorrow!!

We are so excited to able to hold a modified version of this. Thanks to Mrs Sales and Mr Knox for organizing it. We will be outside for almost the whole day, so come prepared! Dress accordingly! It’s going to start off cool and damp and probably warm up and dry out as the day progresses- dress in layers! Wear appropriate shoes and socks! Bring extra socks if/when your feet get gross. Bring LOTS of water. Bring EXTRA (like, extra extra) food! And most importantly, bring a good attitude.

Les Devoirs:

  • Livre de Mythe due AVQP
  • Projet #4 de SH (L’Agriculture et L’Economie) due lundi
  • Healthy Living Assignment (Mme Kloosterhof) due le 17 juin