le 15 juin

Today was a big day of self reflection! Students were asked to begin reflecting on and sharing what they felt were their areas strength and opportunities for growth for specific subjects, which I will be including in their reports cards. They were also formally introduced to the Core Competencies of the curriculum, and will be creating a self-reflection on their communication and creative thinking abilities. These self-reflections will be shared directly to your email around report card time.

Mne Riznek, Mr Rogers, Mr Knox and I are just finalizing the details for Farewell on the 28th, then we’ll share with you. Thanks for your patience!

Les Devoirs:

  • Education Physique et Orchestre demain
  • BYOD all week
  • jeudi- Healthy Living Assignment due
  • vendredi- SOGI chat with Jannika
  • Projet #5 de SH due lundi
  • any students with missing work will be staying in at recess and lunch in order to catch up, starting LUNDI

À demain!