le 18 juin

Happy Friday!

This afternoon we had our last Health Chat with Jannika- today we covered Sexual Orientation and Gender Indentity. Such an interesting and important topic! The documents she showed during the presentation today (Genderbread Person, Gender Galaxy and Sexuality Galaxy have been posted on Teams. The biggest take away is the inclusivity aspect. We are all free to identify and express ourselves as we see fit, and we we also need to respect others’ in their identity and expression.

Hopefully you saw the email about our Farewell celebrations on the evening of the 28th. A reminder that this is a closed event, staff and students only. Parents can watch the livestream of the ceremony on Teams. You can also expect an email from me later with some additional information related to that evening.

Les Devoirs:

  • Orchestre lundi
  • Projet #5 de SH due lundi
  • lundi- students with outstanding work will stay in at recess and lunch until they are caught up.

Bonne fin de semaine!