Le 23 juin

Désolé, mes amis. Not feeling in the best of health today. Hopefully you had a good day 🙂

Don’t forget that you’re off to the park tomorrow with Mme Kloosterhof. Bring some fun things to do (equipment etc), and if you’re interested in the water park, make sure you’ve got your swim gear (or clothes to get wet in). Also don’t forget appropriate shoes, headgear and sunscreen! Have a blast, can’t want to hear about it on Friday!

Lastly, let’s talk Friday. I was thinking we could spend some portion of the morning outside on the field doing fun things. I can hook up the hose if we want water involved. So bring a towel, fun things to do, hat sunscreen etc. We can can brainstorm on Teams before Friday. Also, the auction will be held Friday afternoon!

À vendredi!