Plan for Tomorrow

Good afternoon families, hope you are surviving,

Just wanting to provide an update for tomorrow, as we have just received new information regarding tomorrow’s schedule.

The district has now said that dismissal will be 2 hours after start time. That means we are probably looking at a 10:55 dismissal tomorrow morning (unconfirmed at this point, you’ll hear from Mrs Simonetto soon).

The most current plan is to have the ceremony, which will be recorded and sent out to families afterwards, we have a couple videos to watch, we also need to clean out all of our supplies and materials (please send an extra bag or 2!), and we’ll end with yearbooks and yumyums. I won’t be closing my door and kicking anyone out at the dismissal bell, being rushed is the worst feeling. We’ll get everything done, we’ll enjoy each other’s company all together one last time, and then walk off into summer sun towards a well-deserved summer break.

Thank you families for your continued support and understanding in this crazy, unprecedented time. It’s not what anyone wanted or imagined. Everyone has been so flexible and adaptable and I am so appreciative of that.

Take care, à demain.