Well, that’s a wrap. Together, we made it though the craziest school year EVER. Les amis, you should be SO proud of everything you have accomplished this year, parents- even more so! Mme Kloosterhof and I are so grateful for all your support and hard work behind the scenes. You have incredible children that we were able to spend each day with. They are going to continue doing great things!

Farewell went great this morning! We are excited to send out the recorded video for your viewing pleasure. Mrs Shimmin took photos of all the kids that she’ll be sending off to you (I think? Or maybe I am? TBD…) There is also the baby slide show, the ‘Over the years’ slideshow, and the teachers “Farewell Speech” video 😀

Thank you all for the very generous and thoughtful gifts. Mme Kloosterhof and I are so grateful at all of your thoughtfulness.

We wish you all the best summer and a smooth transition into high school (or middle) as the next chapter of your journey begins. The chalet door is always open for you to come and visit 🙂

Felicitations et bravo les amis! À la prochaine ❤