le 28 septembre

Our hearts are ready for tomorrow. Reminder that tomorrow is Orange Shirt Day. We dove into the Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action and the United Nation’s Declaration on Indigenous Peoples today. Some good discussions and insights were shared.

Today was also the first day of Band with instruments! I was so happy to see so much excitement around instruments!! They were taken out at recess and lunch AND APQ to play. We are very strongly asking everyone to get their own music book, to watch the videos Mr Rogers shared out and to PRACTICE setting up and playing the beginning notes. This will allow much more progress to happen Friday and everyday after that. Merci!

Les Devoirs:

  • Travail pour Mr V- ONE WORD feuille and the Nutrition feuille
  • jeudi- National Day for Truth and Reconciliation (pas d’école)
  • vendredi- Education Physique (be ready to work) et Orchestre

I will be sharing out some resources on Teams for Thursday.

À vendredi!

le 27 septembre

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! It was quite soggy…

Hopefully you’ve seen the email from Mrs Simonetto regarding camp. I broke the news to the class before recess today. It’s unfortunate BUT we are still able to go on day trips, so that’s what we’ll do!

Mr Rogers would like to start Band tomorrow, so please bring your instrument.

This week we will be discussing Indian Residential Schools, Orange Shirt Day and Truth and Reconciliation in anticipation of both Orange Shirt Day on Wednesday, and National Day for Truth and Reconciliation on Thursday (no school that day).

Les Devoirs:

  • Travail pour Mr V: ONE WORD and nutrition stuff.
  • vendredi- Education Physique et Orchestre

À demain!

le 23 septembre

What a beautiful first full day of Autumn! We used this change in seasons to begin our weekly share outs (On Partage). Students were asked to share with the whole class either the best or worst part of autumn and why. And I have to say- I am SUPER impressed with the results! Bravo les amis! In case you were interested, Halloween was hands down the most frequently named best part of autumn 🙂

I am looking for a class parent for this year. If you are interested, please shoot me an email! Thanks in advance!

Just a reminder that tomorrow is a non-instructional day for students.

Les Devoirs:

  • Quiz: est/et lundi
  • Travail pour Mr V

Bonne fin de semaine!

le 21 septembre

Looking forward to seeing everyone who signed up this evening! Just a reminder, please wear a mask, I have hand sanitizer at the door. Also, this is not the time to discuss your child in detail. It is simply an opportunity to meet me 🙂 and experience the chalet in all its glory. First term conferences are later in October, or email me.

Reminder for tomorrow- Mr V is expecting your Mon Sac en Papier full of stuff about you, as well as an aliment bon, moyennement bon et mauvais pour la santé to discuss.

Students received their Mountai West photo proof QR codes today. Unfortunately, several students who were present for photos did not receive a QR code sheet (not sure why…). Mrs Sollows says that you will need to contact Mountain West directly: 604-433-0551 or support@mountainwest.ca

Les Devoirs:

  • vendredi- Jour de Congé

Soyez bon(ne) et apprenez beaucoup demain. À jeudi!

le 20 septembre

Hope you had a lovely weekend! It didn’t rain the entire time, which was nice.

This afternoon we chatted about the Federal Election, many students came with a lot of prior knowledge, amazing!

Tomorrow is Meet The Teacher Night! Hopefully you’ve signed up for one of the 20 min time slots. If possible, please bring your child so they can show you around and introduce you to me 🙂

Les Devoirs:

  • Orchestre demain
  • Please sign and return all forms ASAP (this includes the image release and tech usage forms)
  • Pour Mr V: Mon Sac en Papier, nourriture emballé
  • vendredi- Jour de Congé

À demain!

le 17 septembre

What a soggy day! 2 inside recesses! At least we had PE this morning 🙂

Les Devoirs:

  • sign and return forms please
  • Orchestre- bring instrument form for Mr Rogers
  • Stuff pour Mr V

Upcoming Dates of Note:

  • mardi- Meet The Teacher (6pm-7pm) please sign up for a 20 min block to drop in
  • vendredi- School Improvement Day (no class for students)

Bonne fin de semaine!

le 16 septembre

I heard yesterday was a lot of fun with Mr V! So glad to hear, we are so lucky that he is with us on Wednesdays 🙂

Today was Photo Day! I love watching everyone wait and feel just a bit awkward. Don’t forget, retakes are possible 😀

Les Devoirs:

  • Education Physique demain
  • Band Forms due demain
  • Band demain
  • Sign and return forms ASAP
  • Pour Mr V- Mon Sac en Paper, 3 aliments non-perissables, tous pour mercredi

À demain!

Bonjour et Bienvenue!

Welcome to the class blog for Division 1! Each day, any homework, announcements and reminders will be posted. From time to time, interesting events from the day will also be shared.

I would suggest that you input your email address to the right where it says FOLLOW. That way, when a post is published, it gets sent to your email. A simple and easy way to keep informed 🙂

Les Devoirs:

  • Envelope full of papers- please read all the forms, and sign and return as needed
  • Please keep the yellow Bienvenue letter for your own records.
  • Jeudi- Individual Photo Day

Tomorrow is Mr Vaillancourt’s first day. Be kind and welcoming and have a great day!

À jeudi!