le 21 septembre

Looking forward to seeing everyone who signed up this evening! Just a reminder, please wear a mask, I have hand sanitizer at the door. Also, this is not the time to discuss your child in detail. It is simply an opportunity to meet me 🙂 and experience the chalet in all its glory. First term conferences are later in October, or email me.

Reminder for tomorrow- Mr V is expecting your Mon Sac en Papier full of stuff about you, as well as an aliment bon, moyennement bon et mauvais pour la santé to discuss.

Students received their Mountai West photo proof QR codes today. Unfortunately, several students who were present for photos did not receive a QR code sheet (not sure why…). Mrs Sollows says that you will need to contact Mountain West directly: 604-433-0551 or support@mountainwest.ca

Les Devoirs:

  • vendredi- Jour de CongĂ©

Soyez bon(ne) et apprenez beaucoup demain. À jeudi!