le 29 octobre

Well today was fun!

SO fun to see everyone’s Halloween spirit! We had costumes and festive garb and it was a good time. Our PE warm up was very on theme, ask your child about it 😀

Thanks to everyone who brought in yumyums for everyone, we were absolutely spoiled! Thanks to Jonah et companie for organizing the party. We watched the Goosebumps movie and it was super fun! My first time seeing it!

Your child should have brought home a brown envelope from Public Health re:immunizations on November 8th.

Over the next 2 weeks we will be writing the FSAs (Foundation Skills Assessment). If you feel like this is something your child should not participate in, please email Mrs Simonetto ASAP. Merci.

**edit** as per my email yesterday- I am looking for parent drivers for our field trip on on Nov 18- if you are available (or can at least drive your own child) please let me know ASAP.**

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  • lundi- Pyjama Day
    • Refaire- verbes ER au present

Have a safe and fun weekend! À lundi!

le 28 octobre

I don’t know why but Thursdays are always such a busy day!

We started our day with a pop quiz on Integers. I just want to see where we’re at after covering the basics before moving on. The focus and brain power was very evident in the chalet this morning.

Thankfully(?) we got to go outside during both recesses today. Just a reminder that we do live on the Wet Coast and students should dress accordingly. Keeping a spare change on clothes in the vestiare is always a good idea.

We spent the afternoon being inspired by prehistoric art found at the caves at Lascaux and created our own cave inspired art. Such a fun activity! I can’t wait to put all of the pieces up onto the ceiling to create a true prehistoric experience 🙂

Tomorrow is going to be a busy and fun day- costumes are being encouraged but we do have PE and Band so keep that in mind. It is also Hot Lunch. Some members of the class are organizing a little “party”, I’ll be emailing you in a bit.

Monday is Pyjama Day.

À demain!

le 26 octobre

Another busy day in the Chalet!

This morning we watched one of my favourite episodes of Oniva (a Canadian made show for youth) and we are introduced to an artist who draws cool abstract zentangley art. He always includes eyes in his art, as they are the feature that most people are drawn to. After the episode, we spent some time creating our own Daniel Ross inspired art, doesn’t our informal gallery look great?

We spent the afternoon browsing the Caves of Lascaux, where some very amazing prehistoric art was found several decades ago. We will be continuing our examination and journey with prehistoric art on Thursday.

Unfortunately the Nature Walk planned for tomorrow has been postponed 😦

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  • jeudi- Test Refaire: Verbes ER au present
    • That smell is getting stronger and stronger *wink*wink*nudge*nudge*
  • vendredi- Education Physique
    • Diner Chaud
    • Orchestre
    • Fete de Classe (Jonah et company are organizing)
    • costumes?
  • ludi- Pyjama Day

À jeudi!

le 25 octobre

Dear div. 1 families, 

This Wednesday afternoon, students are going on a guided nature walk in the woods behind WGSS. Our guide will be Tim Stephenson, renowned science teacher. Exploration of water chemistry and plant identification, connecting to nature a bit and learning about climate change is on the menu. We’re going; rain or shine. Please assist students to dress appropriately.

It should be a fun and enlightening afternoon!

Désolé, the Nature Walk has been cancelled. Hopefully to be rescheduled.

-M. Vaillancourt

What a fun morning we had! Thanks so much to Mr Stephenson, Mr Lowes and all their students for taking the time to show us some cool science stations and the cool new trades exploration course at WGSS. It was also just great to be inside the building, walking the halls, getting a feel for where the students will be next year. Make sure to ask your child what their favourite part was!

It was very lovely to meet with everyone last week! Mr V and I appreciate you taking the time to chat about (and with) your child aout their learning and presence at school. So much insight is attained, and when everyone is on the same page, we can support the students so much better. If we did not meet, I will emailing you a progress report and a copy of your child’s self-reflection. As stated at conferences (with me), I will be sending you a link to access your child’s academic process on TeacherEase in a few weeks. That way you can log on and check how your child is doing realtime so that report cards are not a surprise.

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  • demain: Orchestre
  • jeudi- ER verbes au present REFAIRE (you’ll get your results from today’s test demain)

À demain!

le 20 octobre

Happy Long Weekend!

Mad props to Jonathan for using a 20 Minutes de Récré Extra today. The students literally had 1 hour and 20 minutes of outside time today 😀

I heard yesterday’s interviews with Mr V went very well, lots of great communication between us and families, thanks so much! I look forward to today’s interviews! Just a reminder that I am booked solid, so please arrive promptly for your time, and I promise to keep the schedule as best I can.

Monday morning our class will be walking over to WGSS to check out an amazing Science Fair being put on by Mr Stephenson and some of his senior students. What an amazing opportunity for us to not only get inside WGSS (something we didn’t get to do last year) but also see some amazing learning that is happening. Permission forms are not needed as this is considered a “walking field trip” within our community. Please ensure your child arrives on time Monday morning, as we will be leaving around 9 and won’t be back til recess. If students are late, they will have to hang out in an alternative situation until we return. Thanks in advance!

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  • demain- Pro D Day
  • lundi- Excursion à WGSS
    • Quiz Verbes ER (ex aimer) au present

Can anyone else smell that?

À lundi!

le 19 octobre

We had a lot on our plates today and we got through it all, bravo les amis!

Just a reminder that tomorrow and Thursday are early dismissals at 1:33 for conferences.

Friday is a Pro D Day.

Reminder again to bring your child to conferences if possible! Everyone filled out an self-evaluation in anticipation of our meetings 🙂

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  • travail pour Mr V
  • jeudi- Examen de Dictée 3
    • Projet de Les Humains de la Préhistoire due FdJ
  • lundi- Quiz: Verbes du premier groupe au present

Does anyone else smell that?

À jeudi!

le 18 octobre

Hope you all had a good weekend! Turned out to be a nice afternoon today 🙂

Just a reminder that hot lunch order close today.

Parent Teacher Conferences Wednesday and Thursday this week. It would be great if your child accompanied you and participated in the conference, as it is their learning we are discussing. If not, or you’d rather they not attend, no worries.

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  • demain: Refaire- À/A/As
    • Orchestre
  • mercredi et jeudi- 1h33 dismissal
  • vendredi- Pro D Day

À demain!

le 15 octobre

Soggy, soggy day! The students so very nicely asked if they could stay in at lunch, how could I say no…

The Soo-permarché opened for the first time this year! Kudos to Amina et Yousef for being great marchands!

We watched a super interesting documentary about Otzi the Iceman today. One of my favourite documentaries about early humans. Ask your child about it!

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  • lundi- Refaire- À/A/As
  • mercredi et jeudi- Départ à 1h33 pour Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • vendredi- Pro D Day

Bonne fin de semaine!

le 14 octobre

Another whirlwind day!

The students wrote their first Math test today! This afternoon they signed the back of the Gr 7 Hoodies and helped me see how many of our school laptops were functional. Merci et bravo les amis!

Les Devoirs:

  • Education Physique et Orchestre demain
  • Parent-Teacher conferences next week 🙂

À demain!

le 12 octobre

Students received their first Math test outline (Divisibility) and we discussed strategies for reviewing for the test. I posted an image on Teams.

Just a reminder that Parent-Teacher Conferences are next Wednesday and Thursday. Please be aware that I (Mme Soo) will only be here on the Thursday for conferences. If you specifically want to meet with me, please ensure you sign up for a Thursday time slot, or email me for alternatives. You should have received an email from the school to access School Appointments.

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  • demain- Travail pour Mr V (image du tableau sur Teams)
    • Gr 7 Boys Vball Practice 2:40-3:45
  • jeudi- Math Test-Divisibility
  • vendredi- Education Physique et Orchestre

À jeudi!