le 20 octobre

Happy Long Weekend!

Mad props to Jonathan for using a 20 Minutes de Récré Extra today. The students literally had 1 hour and 20 minutes of outside time today 😀

I heard yesterday’s interviews with Mr V went very well, lots of great communication between us and families, thanks so much! I look forward to today’s interviews! Just a reminder that I am booked solid, so please arrive promptly for your time, and I promise to keep the schedule as best I can.

Monday morning our class will be walking over to WGSS to check out an amazing Science Fair being put on by Mr Stephenson and some of his senior students. What an amazing opportunity for us to not only get inside WGSS (something we didn’t get to do last year) but also see some amazing learning that is happening. Permission forms are not needed as this is considered a “walking field trip” within our community. Please ensure your child arrives on time Monday morning, as we will be leaving around 9 and won’t be back til recess. If students are late, they will have to hang out in an alternative situation until we return. Thanks in advance!

Les Devoirs:

  • demain- Pro D Day
  • lundi- Excursion à WGSS
    • Quiz Verbes ER (ex aimer) au present

Can anyone else smell that?

À lundi!