le 26 octobre

Another busy day in the Chalet!

This morning we watched one of my favourite episodes of Oniva (a Canadian made show for youth) and we are introduced to an artist who draws cool abstract zentangley art. He always includes eyes in his art, as they are the feature that most people are drawn to. After the episode, we spent some time creating our own Daniel Ross inspired art, doesn’t our informal gallery look great?

We spent the afternoon browsing the Caves of Lascaux, where some very amazing prehistoric art was found several decades ago. We will be continuing our examination and journey with prehistoric art on Thursday.

Unfortunately the Nature Walk planned for tomorrow has been postponed 😦

Les Devoirs:

  • jeudi- Test Refaire: Verbes ER au present
    • That smell is getting stronger and stronger *wink*wink*nudge*nudge*
  • vendredi- Education Physique
    • Diner Chaud
    • Orchestre
    • Fete de Classe (Jonah et company are organizing)
    • costumes?
  • ludi- Pyjama Day

À jeudi!