le 28 octobre

I don’t know why but Thursdays are always such a busy day!

We started our day with a pop quiz on Integers. I just want to see where we’re at after covering the basics before moving on. The focus and brain power was very evident in the chalet this morning.

Thankfully(?) we got to go outside during both recesses today. Just a reminder that we do live on the Wet Coast and students should dress accordingly. Keeping a spare change on clothes in the vestiare is always a good idea.

We spent the afternoon being inspired by prehistoric art found at the caves at Lascaux and created our own cave inspired art. Such a fun activity! I can’t wait to put all of the pieces up onto the ceiling to create a true prehistoric experience 🙂

Tomorrow is going to be a busy and fun day- costumes are being encouraged but we do have PE and Band so keep that in mind. It is also Hot Lunch. Some members of the class are organizing a little “party”, I’ll be emailing you in a bit.

Monday is Pyjama Day.

À demain!