le 5 novembre

We were so fortunate to have Sectional Workshops for Band this afternoon. Each instrument group was facilitated by a knowledgeable adult OR very able grade 7 leaders. I really hope that everyone was able to absorb and learn some key info related to playing their instrument, and is inspired to apply that knowledge by PRACTICING and continuing to develop.

On a random note- I just wanted to share out how appreciate and happy I am at how much of a community and caring place Division 1 is. Everyone is so willing to help and support each other, to do good work, and get things done. It really makes my job so much easier and inspires me to want to do even more fun things with them. I’m certainly not taking credit, they came to me this way and continue to be this way without prompt. After reflecting on today and this week in general, I am just very thankful and proud of them all and you should be too 😀

Next week is a bit crazy, with only 3 days of school, and LOTS to get done. We have immunizations, FSAs to complete, Remembrance Day to honour and projects to work on.

Les Devoirs:

  • lundi- immunizations (any more white envelopes to return?)
  • Climbing Permissions and payment due Nov 15
  • mardi- Orchestre
  • mercredi- in-school honouring of Remembrance Day, travail pour Mr V
  • jeudi- Remembrance Day
  • vendredi- Design and Assessment Day (no school for students)

Have an amazing weekend!