Checking In

Good morning!

Hope your week has gone well. I had to leave a little early Monday afternoon (Merci Mme Thibaudeau for dismissing everyone) and miss Tuesday to take care of some family things. I hear that everyone is VERY excited about the marble run project Mr V introduced!

I can’t wait to hear what everyone thought of the Remembrance Day interactive exhibit on Wednesday. Remembrance Day is such an important day in my opinion. I hope you were all able to take a few moments yesterday to remember and honour all of our veterans and active armed forces members, and reflect on what their sacrifices have allowed us. Speaking of, here is the collaborative art that we made on Monday to contribute to the exhibit:

Just a reminder about a few things for next week:

  • Projet des Sciences Humaines (La Préhistoire) is due on Monday
  • Our Climbing Field Trip is on Thursday! Please return forms and payment ASAP!

Have a wonderful weekend, à lundi!