le 30 novembre

Another busy, wet, busy day…

Gr 7 Hoodies arrived (most of them!). We are still waiting for a handful of hoodies to arrive, my apologies to everyone who didn’t get theirs today. Once everyone’s have arrived, I will schedule a group photo in our hoodies 🙂

Our official volleyball extracurricular season has come to an end. This afternoon the ladies faced off against the gents, in an EPIC set of matches. So much improvement even just from last game. Everyone should be proud of their progress and development over the course of the season, and I sincerely hope you’ve found your passion for the sport and continue on 😀

Les Devoirs:

  • affiche de la nutrition due demain (pour Mr V)
  • jeudi- Dress rehearsal for Civilization: A Nomadic Journey
  • vendredi- education physique, diner chaud, orchestre, Civilization: A Nomadic Journey final presentations

À jeudi!