le 31 janvier

Today was a busy day!

Mr Juteau, one of the grade 8 Vice Principals from WGSS visited us to discuss course selection for next year. Students have a BLUE course selection form (for French Immersion) for you to look at. On February 15 there will be a parent info virtual session about course selection, and then MyEdBC will open for your child to complete their course selection online. THEN the blue form is to returned to me. The deadline for all of this is Feb 24. You can also download and print the forms at home. I wrote each child’s MyEdBC number on their form.

He also discussed English Honours 8 and Accelerated Math, both of which require your child to submit a form online and write an exam, and a teacher recommendation is required from me. The English Exam is March 1 at 3:15pm @WGSS and the Accelerated Math Exam is March 8 at 3:15pm @WGSS.

All of this information is available on the WGSS Course Guide– under Course Planning-> Grade 8. And specific information regarding English Honours and Accelerated Math can be found under the Courses tab. You will be receiving an email with more information about the Feb 15 parent info session soon.

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  • Musique et BYOD demain

À demain!

le 28 jan


The frosty, chilly morning gave way to a beautiful sunny afternoon.

The slow and steady process of writing our speeches continues. The goal is to have completed or be nearing completion on our drafts. Next week’s focus is on the revision and correction process.

We read another couple chapters in The Giver today. We finally learned some of what Jonas’ job as The Receiver entails. In small groups, students discussed different talking points.

We did a quick organize and tidy around the room this afternoon, a nice little prep before Lunar New Year next week.

Lastly, we met up with our little buddies to help with their art project we collected sticks for a couple weeks ago, then played outside in the beautiful sunshine. I LOVE watching the buddies interact, our grade 7s do an amazing job with them.

Just a reminder that Monday morning we have our WGSS Course Selection meeting!

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  • lundi- BYOD

Bonne fin de semaine!

le 27 jan

Happy Dress Like a Book Character Day! We got to see our little buddies all dressed up during the parade today 🙂

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  • Education Physique et Musique demain
  • BYOD demain
  • lundi- WGSS Course Selection Meeting

À demain!

le 25 janvier

We had LOTS of energy today. Also needed many reminders to make good choices.

I conferenced with about half the class today on their speeches, some good progress is being made. The deadline to complete our drafts is the end of this week. I will meet with the rest on Thursday.

We are moving onto our next concept in Math -irrational numbers. Decimals, fractions and percents will be our focus the rest of the term.

We read 2 chapters in The Giver this afternoon- the Twelves finally received their job assignments- except Jonas?! Can’t wait for chapter 8 on Thursday.

Thursday is Dress Like A Book Character Day! Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Les Devoirs:

  • Pour Mr V: affiche sur les carrières (titre, phrases, art) 5/10
    • les sources de stresse (art et liste)
  • jeudi- BYOD

À jeudi!

le 25 jan

Hope you had a nice weekend! My arm still hurts a little from receiving my booster on Saturday.

We covered a lot today- started working on the big introductions for our speeches, we played around with coins to observe inertia, we wrote a Math test and read the next chapter in The Giver. Students are really going to have to buckle down if they want to show their best proficiency in many areas this term.

Staff from WGSS are coming next Monday to discuss course selection and begin the official transition out of JKE. It is a day full of information and opportunities to ask questions, please if possible, have your child attend.

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  • Music and BYOD demain
  • jeudi- Dress Like a Book Character day

À demain!

le 21 jan

Another busy busy Friday!

Les Devoirs:

  • lundi: Math Test (coordinates), Quiz de Verbe: IR au present, BYOD

Tomorrow I am getting my booster! Hopefully all goes well 🙂 Bonne fin de semaine! À lundi!

le 20 janvier

Another busy Thursday!

We read 2 chapters of The Giver today. I am enjoying the level of engagement from the class so far 🙂

Les Devoirs:

  • Education Physique et la Musique demain
  • Examen de Dictee 7 demain
  • BYOD demain
  • lundi- Math Test: Coordinate Plane (1 and 4 quadrants)
  • envoie vos CVs à Mr V (maintenant en retard)

À demain!

le 18 janvier

Pour demain:

  • finish and print your CV and bring tomorrow
  • finish your research/notes for 7/10 subjects for the poster project (pour les emplois)
  • research ideas for your prototype
  • bring in big cardboard boxes!

Merci! Bonne journée demain!

le 17 janvier

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Today we began our novel study of The Giver by Lois Lowry. One of my favourite novels to promote discussion with students. I look forward to reading through it with them over the next few weeks.

We also started discussing Newton’s first law of Motion, the Law of Inertia. Ask them to explain it to you, a really great way to see if they get it or not!

Mr V is asking that students bring in larger size cardboard boxes for their next projects. Maybe if you’re at Costco in the next couple days, you could grab one to send in? He sends his thanks in advance!

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  • Orchestre et BYOD demain

À demain!

le 14 janvier

Happy Friday!

I met with each student to hear their topic for Concours, we are in store for a very interesting set of speeches, I’m so excited! Next step is to begin writing our drafts. We will focus initially on their middle of our speech, before tackling the introduction and conclusion.

We met with our petits amis this afternoon to help them scavenge some branches for an upcoming art project. I love watching the bigs and littles together, so fun 🙂

The school has reopened the Spirit Wear ordering website until Jan 21, if you’re interested in ordering some JKE wear. You should have received an email from the school with the link.

Just a reminder that Hot Lunches have been postponed until after Spring Break.

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  • BYOD lundi

Bonne fin de semaine!