Tues Jan 4- quick check in

Bonne année les amis!
J’espère que vos vacances se sont bien allées, et que vous êtes en train de profiter d’une semaine extra chez vous 
I am in the process of learning and understanding the information that is being shared with me about next week, and I am awaiting new information this afternoon. As soon I know as much as I can, I will send an email home so everyone knows whats going on.

What does this mean for you? This week there is no learning expectations for you (from me). I encourage you to seek out some brain stimulating activities, so when you come back next week it won’t be so much of a shock.
For example- read something! write a little bit! speak French (even to yourself), watch or listen to something in French. Watch a documentary about something you’re interested in. Try and make some new and/or interesting food. Reach out to friends. Dust off your instrument and play a couple songs from your book.
I miss you all and can’t wait to hear about your breaks!

À la prochain!