le 25 janvier

We had LOTS of energy today. Also needed many reminders to make good choices.

I conferenced with about half the class today on their speeches, some good progress is being made. The deadline to complete our drafts is the end of this week. I will meet with the rest on Thursday.

We are moving onto our next concept in Math -irrational numbers. Decimals, fractions and percents will be our focus the rest of the term.

We read 2 chapters in The Giver this afternoon- the Twelves finally received their job assignments- except Jonas?! Can’t wait for chapter 8 on Thursday.

Thursday is Dress Like A Book Character Day! Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Les Devoirs:

  • Pour Mr V: affiche sur les carrières (titre, phrases, art) 5/10
    • les sources de stresse (art et liste)
  • jeudi- BYOD

À jeudi!