le 28 jan


The frosty, chilly morning gave way to a beautiful sunny afternoon.

The slow and steady process of writing our speeches continues. The goal is to have completed or be nearing completion on our drafts. Next week’s focus is on the revision and correction process.

We read another couple chapters in The Giver today. We finally learned some of what Jonas’ job as The Receiver entails. In small groups, students discussed different talking points.

We did a quick organize and tidy around the room this afternoon, a nice little prep before Lunar New Year next week.

Lastly, we met up with our little buddies to help with their art project we collected sticks for a couple weeks ago, then played outside in the beautiful sunshine. I LOVE watching the buddies interact, our grade 7s do an amazing job with them.

Just a reminder that Monday morning we have our WGSS Course Selection meeting!

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Bonne fin de semaine!