le 4 janvier

Another busy, yet chill kind of day.

After PE this morning we launched into a collaborative bulletin board project about Willie O’Ree that we are contributing to the school’s honouring of Black History and Excellence Month. The life and legacy of Mr O’Ree is very pertinent these days when considering hockey on a bigger scale, as well as diverse representation in professional sports, and the Olympic Games currently being hold. We watched the Opening Ceremonies today as well. We will finish up our bulletin board, then wander around the school visiting the other letters of the alphabet.

I have read through and left comments on all the speeches shared with me as of now (about half). The plan for next week is to practice the presentation aspects of formal speaking, doing some self and peer evaluations, in preparation for the official speech deliveries in 2 weeks. Those that are still writing their drafts/finishing good copies are very strongly encouraged to finish this weekend and share with me to be ready for the next steps on Monday.

Les Devoirs:

  • lundi- BYOD
  • Pour Mr V- Affiche sur l’emploi (14 personnes!

Bonne fin de semaine! À lundi!