le 10 fevrier

Another busy day!

In our Weekly On Partage, students were asked if they’d prefer to have 3 arms or 3 legs. The overwhelming majority chose 3 arms, providing various reasons as to why. Hopefully our weekly share-outs help them next week- Concours begins! We have been steadily working our way through the process of writing our speeches, thoughtful revising and correcting them, this week our focus was on the presentation aspect- first in a solo self-evaluation then in small groups. Students are reminded and encouraged to take some time each day over the long weekend to PRACTICE their speeches! As I said today, this is a major part of your Francais proficiency this term, adequate effort and preparation are noticeable!

This afternoon I introduced students to Spaces- on online portfolio platform that I am piloting this year. Students have been writing a story add on to The Giver inspired by chapter 17 and ‘what if’. They typed them up this afternoon and shared on Spaces, with me and with the class. We will continue to play around with Spaces throughout the rest of the year. I am hopeful that we can also have you join us on Spaces, to see how your child is doing, that may be a possibility during Term 2 conferences, but that is still up in the air.

WGSS Course Selection opens next Tuesday. There should be a Parent Info seminar that evening. Reminder, the number I wrote on your child’s paper is wrong (sorry). It is the number they should know (used for Office log in etc). If they can’t remember, I can give it to them on Monday. The password for everyone is Student$35. You get the option to change it immediately after logging in the first time.

Les Devoirs:

  • demain- Jour de Congé
  • lundi- CONCOURS (prépares-toi!)

Bonne fin de semaine!