le 17 février

Happy jeu-dredi! (Thursday + Friday

We accomplished a lot today! We officially completed Concours in class! I have heard all 29 speeches (which I have never accomplished in a single week EVER). Each student should be so proud of their effort! Lots of development of abilities was visible throughout the process. Also thanks to everyone who asked good questions to the speakers, always makes my job so much easier. The last step for students will be to self-reflect on the Concours process and final presentation (next week) which will be included in their term 2 report.

We also continued multiplying decimals. It’s often difficult to explain and for some to grasp why the answer gets smaller when multiplying, so hopefully the activity we did today, and my attempts are explaining were somewhat helpful. We will move onto multi-digit by multi-digit decimal multiplication next week.

Lastly, we finished The Giver! I always love hearing students thoughts once the last chapter is read 🙂 We then chatted about theme, what it is and some strategies to try and decipher what theme is being portrayed. Also a bit tricky but definitely an important literary device to work through. Students began trying to figure out theme in The Giver, and are in the initial steps on their One-Pager (due next Friday). I have posted all the stuff displayed in class in Teams. Reminder- there will be 3 in class work periods before the FIRM Friday EOD deadline.

Mr V left a LOT of information for students on the board yesterday. I took a pic and it is now posted on Teams. Please make sure you are dedicating enough attention to tasks assigned by Mr V. His day is just as important as any day that I am here, and when you are behind on submitting things to him it’s very difficult to keep on track because of the long delay in between his days. Thanks in advance!

Reminder- tomorrow is No School for students and Monday is Family Day. I hope you are able to spend some time together.

Les Devoirs:

  • mardi- Orchestre
  • mardi et jeudi- Ball intramurals
  • vendredi- The Giver One-Pager due EOD
  • WGSS course selection: MyEd submission and blue form brought back to me by Feb 24
    • want a teacher recommendation (ELA 8 Hon/Accelerated Math? STUDENT come see me and ask!) also fill out the ONLINE application.

Bonne fin de semaine!