le 24 février

Hope everyone got where they needed to be safely this morning! So nice to see the sun come out, the students even got their collaborative time outside (which never happens!).

We had an amazing class discussion about sameness in The Giver and how in introduction of certain things (colour, books, religion, clothing, weather) would disrupt their “perfect society”. I was super impressed with the ideas and discussions that we had, and almost everyone shared something, so great! We then channeled that thinking into a snow globe activity where students picked either an aspect of sameness or something in our lives that is negative and, imagining that they shake the snow globe to change it, how the world would be better. Students are coming up with some beautiful snow globes. I can’t wait to hang them around the room for everyone to enjoy.

We also continued working on our one-pagers. They are starting to show some great thinking and connection to the novel. Both the snow globe and the one-pager are due EOD demain (firm deadline). All criteria, rubric and other relevant information can be found on Teams.

Students will be asked to demonstrate their proficiency related to multi-digit decimal multiplication in a one-on-one conference with me tomorrow.

Les Devoirs:

  • Education Physique et Orchestre demain
  • Math- multi-digit decimal multiplication proficiency check demain
  • Anglais- Sameness Snow Globe and One-Pager due EOD demain

À demain!