le 26 avril

We spent the morning creating our Mesopotamian God statues. The class was so engaged, and the statues turned out great! We will finish our posters on Thursday then our display will be complete.

Here is a sneak peak of the statues. Because of the nature of air drying clay, they will change somewhat as they dry, giving them more more artefact-like characteristics

Pour demain: entrevue avec un adulte sur son cheminement de carrier et source de lumière

Jeudi- Jump Rope for Heart helpers be ready!

Vendredi- Education Physique, Quiz de Verbe (IR à l’imparfait) et Orchestre

Thanks to a few people that have emailed saying they can drive to our May 16 field trip. I am still looking for more if you are free and able. TWU is only about 10 minutes from here! Thanks in advance!

Speaking of Jump Rope for Heart, Mme Foulds says we were third in Canada at the moment for school donations and the gap between us and first is not that big. If you haven’t donated online yet and have a few dollars to spare, the Heart and Stroke Foundation does amazing things with the donations they receive. Merci!

À jeudi!

le 25 avril

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a lovely weekend, it was so nice out yesterday! I took my daughter to Hazelmere Farm to see the 2 week old baby goats- adorable!

Another busy day in the chalet, verb quiz, socials project, math test, class photos… as a result of the photos, the math test today was practice! Students were allowed to keep their test and use it as practice/review for tomorrow… I will rework the test so it’s slightly different.

We are also creating our Mesopotamian God statues tomorrow out of air drying clay, one of my favourite projects of the year!

Camp forms are due on Friday, I am just waiting on 3 or 4 students.

I will be sending out an email later today looking for parent drivers for an upcoming field trip- stay tuned!

Les Devoirs:

  • Orchestre demain
  • mercredi- stuff for Mr V
  • vendredi- Quiz: Verbes IR à l’imparfait, Orchestre, Camp Forms due

À demain!

le 22 avril

What a fun day! We did Jump Rope for Heart with out little buddies today. Our class is so good with their littles 🙂 Donations to the Heart and Stroke Foundation are still being encouraged and collected.

Camp Forms are due next Friday.

Monday: Quiz- ER verbes à l’imparfait, Math Unit (Percents).

Bonne fin de semaine!

le 21 avril

I’m back! Felt like quite the Monday for me…

We tried out Gimkit today, which is kinda like Blooket. It has potential, we need to play around a bit more with it to fully appreciate its offerings.

Lots going on tomorrow:

  • Education Physique
  • Quiz de Verbe: ER à l’imparfait
  • Jump Rope for Heart (fingers crossed for nice weather)
  • Diner Chaud
  • Orchestre

Upcoming next week:

  • lundi- Class Photos, Math Test (percents)
  • pour Mr V: entrevue avec un adulte, source de lumière
  • vendredi- Camp Forms due

À demain!

le 14 avril

Happy Faux-Vendredi!

Wishing you all a lovely long weekend, celebrating whatever with your family 🙂

Les Devoirs:

  • vendredi et lundi- Jours de congés
  • mardi- Quiz de Verbe: Les verbes ER à l’imparfait et Orchestre

Bonne longue de semaine!

le 12 avril

Students were tasked to ‘show what they know’ related to tax, tip and discount today, which they uploaded to Spaces (the pilot program I’m participating in this year). I love that students are able to share in a variety of different mediums (written, pictures, videos etc) depending on their comfort, confidence and ability. My hope is that we’ll be able to share out access to you near the end of the term so you can see your child’s portfolio.

Pour Mr V demain:

  • light source
  • wooden skewers

À jeudi!

le 11 avril

Hope you all had a lovely weekend, the weather was a bit all over the place huh??

Just a reminder that this week and next are 4 day weeks (Friday off this week, Monday next week).

In Math we starting practicing tax, tip and discount. A really great opportunity for you to discuss and incorporate these concepts with your child at home and while you’re out. I know that a lot of these things are calculated for us now, but not always 🙂

Les Devoirs:

  • demain: Quiz- Avoir et Etre à l’imparfait, Orchestre
  • Camp Forms due April 29

À demain!

le 5 avril

Love when the sun graces us with its presence at some point in the day 🙂

Les Devoirs:

  • pour Mr V: medium cardboard box for the theatre, wooden skewers and flashlight
  • jeudi: Quiz- Les 6 Colonnes des Civilisations
  • vendredi: éducation physique, Examen de Dictée 6, Orchestre

À jeudi!