le 26 avril

We spent the morning creating our Mesopotamian God statues. The class was so engaged, and the statues turned out great! We will finish our posters on Thursday then our display will be complete.

Here is a sneak peak of the statues. Because of the nature of air drying clay, they will change somewhat as they dry, giving them more more artefact-like characteristics

Pour demain: entrevue avec un adulte sur son cheminement de carrier et source de lumière

Jeudi- Jump Rope for Heart helpers be ready!

Vendredi- Education Physique, Quiz de Verbe (IR à l’imparfait) et Orchestre

Thanks to a few people that have emailed saying they can drive to our May 16 field trip. I am still looking for more if you are free and able. TWU is only about 10 minutes from here! Thanks in advance!

Speaking of Jump Rope for Heart, Mme Foulds says we were third in Canada at the moment for school donations and the gap between us and first is not that big. If you haven’t donated online yet and have a few dollars to spare, the Heart and Stroke Foundation does amazing things with the donations they receive. Merci!

À jeudi!