le 24 mai

Happy Tuesday! Hope you all had a lovely long weekend!

The class’ overall attitude and demeanour have officially entered ‘End of Year’ mode. Just a friendly reminder that we still have 5.5 weeks of school left, and lots left to learn. Keeping an open mind and positive outlook, remembering and engaging in appropriate behaviour and language will make it more enjoyable for everyone 🙂

WGSS Track & Field permission forms MUST be in tomorrow.

Also, for tomorrow: you are presenting your Career research fo Mr V, and les questions sur le vapotage are due.

We will continue our Science project and our Fr/SH/Drame project on Thursday.

À jeudi!

le 19 mai

Joyeux jeu-dredi!

We had a pretty chill day today. We explored some creation myths for the various ancient civilizations we will be examining for the last few weeks of school. We also reviewed algebraic expressions in word form. We will be moving onto the next step on Tuesday.

Those that qualified for the WGSS Track Meet next Friday received their permission form today. Please sign and return before Wednesday. I am very happy to report that 10 students from Div 1 qualified! Bravo les amis!

Les Devoirs:

  • Mardi- Orchestre
  • mercredi- Travail pour Mr V: Questions sur le vapotage due, presentations, theatre de la marionnette
  • Sports Day Station Leader forms due vendredi

Wishing you all a wonderful looooong fin de semaine! À mardi!

le 17 mai

Lots of running today! We did our class 100m runs, JKE 100m finals, 1500m race and 200m and 400m class runs. Oh and ball throw. The WGSS Track Meet is next friday!

Friday and Monday are no school!

À jeudi!

le 16 mai

What a day of biology!

We started at WGSS with Mr Stephenson, who gave us a microscope 101, and we created slides with pieces of lettuce grown at WGSS.

After recess and eating our lunch, we headed to TWU (thank you to our parent drivers!) for Science In The Valley: Biology! We had an even more in-depth hands on experience with microscopes and got to check out a whole bunch of other specimens, super cool!

Here we are all suited up for Science!

For tomorrow:

We need to finish up our Track and Field, so please wear your runners and get ready to run, throw and maybe jump. All grades 100m finals will be run tomorrow, and I need to time our 200m and 400m runners and measure ball throw distances.

We also have band.

À demain!

vendredi le 13 mai

Happy Friday, today was pretty low energy, to nobody’s surprise.

Hopefully your child was able to describe some highligts from camp yesterday. Despite the cold and rain, I had a really good time. Low ropes, archery and kayaking were super fun, and lunch was pretty tasty. We made the best of the coldest and wettest May on record (I think I heard that somewhere)… at least we got to go, right?

Today we took our yearbook photos, had gym and band, tidied our boxes, and chilled.

Just a reminder that Monday is a busy field trip for us. We are headed to WGSS first thing in the morning for a super fun Science workshop with Mr Stephenson. We’ll be back for recess or before. At 11:30 we head to TWU for Science in the Valley, once of my favourite workshop opportunities! We should be back right for the end of the day.

I sent an email a few minutes ago with the TWU permission form for those that need to sign and return. Please do so ASAP. If you are paying online you have the option to complete the form there.

You already signed a walking permission form at the beginning of the year, so one is not needed for WGSS.

Also next week we need to finish our Track and Field events so we can run finals and decide who is going to the WGSS Track day near the end of the month. Students are advised to have their running shoes ready as when/if its not raining, we will go out and finish these events. Also, the 1500m race is Tuesday at lunch.

Have a great and restful weekend! À lundi!

le 10 mai

Students got to write their names in the ancient written language of cuneiform today. They also learned how to play the Royal Game of Ur!

Camp on Thursday! Please refer to the image below (taken from the email you should have received) for times and reminders.

For Mr V tomorrow:

  • terminer le recherche d’information
  • vous travaillez sur le ppt demain


  • Pyjama Day
  • TWU forms
  • education physique et orchestre

See you Thursday at 7:10am!

le 9 mai

Happy Monday! Hope you enjoyed a lovely weekend 🙂

Most students received their second round of immunizations today. As you can imagine, we had a chill morning, but were able to accomplish some Math and Socials in the afternoon.

The permission form for our TWU-Science in the Valley field trip when home today. As we go next Monday, please sign and return with payment (or pay online) at your earliest convenience. Thanks again to our parent drivers who are making this happen!

Les Devoirs:

  • Orchestre demain
  • mercredi- terminer la recherche d’informations
  • jeudi-CAMP (I’ll be reminding students of needs and expectations tomorrow)
  • vendredi- Pyjama Day

À demain!

le 6 mai

Another Friday, come and gone 🙂

We were able to do some more field events this morning, lots of jumping 🙂

Students are finishing up their Hammurabi’s projects, hopefully we can be done and move on after Monday.

Reminder that we are hoping to finish our JKE Track and Field events next week, be prepared any day!

Les Devoirs:

  • lundi: Quiz: Verbes RE à l’imparfait, immunizations
  • mercredi: stuff for Mr V
  • jeudi-CAMP (see email for more info)
  • vendredi- Pyjama Day

Bonne fin de semaine!

Feliz Cinco de Mayo

Or Revenge of the Fifth.

Today is also National Day of Awareness for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls and Gender Diverse Peoples which began as a result of the Red Dress Project.

Rain rain go away! Inside lunch and collab led to a pretty squirrel-y group this afternoon. Luckily we did a few movement related activities for Math and Socials.

I am just a couple drivers away from having enough to go to TWU in 2 weeks, thanks so much everyone!

Les Devoirs:

*edit* Quiz- verbes RE à l’imparfait demain*

  • Education Physique (high jump), diner chaud et Orchestra demain
  • Projet de Hammourabi (bande-dessinée ou saynète) due lundi
  • Immunizations lundi

À demain!