Feliz Cinco de Mayo

Or Revenge of the Fifth.

Today is also National Day of Awareness for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls and Gender Diverse Peoples which began as a result of the Red Dress Project.

Rain rain go away! Inside lunch and collab led to a pretty squirrel-y group this afternoon. Luckily we did a few movement related activities for Math and Socials.

I am just a couple drivers away from having enough to go to TWU in 2 weeks, thanks so much everyone!

Les Devoirs:

*edit* Quiz- verbes RE à l’imparfait demain*

  • Education Physique (high jump), diner chaud et Orchestra demain
  • Projet de Hammourabi (bande-dessinée ou saynète) due lundi
  • Immunizations lundi

À demain!