le 26 mai

So nice of the rain to hold off… except now it’s gonna rain all day tomorrow…

We continued to work on our Biology project and our Fr/SH/Drame projects and worked on solving algebraic expressions.

Tomorrow is a big day for many of us. WGSS Track and Field! So happy to be able to participate in this again.

Those that are going to WGSS tomorrow, hopefully you know when/where you start tomorrow. The schedule is on the back of the first page of the permission form. Please please please come prepared for anything and everything tomorrow- weather, food, concession. It’s probably going to rain, bring extra clothes! The PAC is trying to organize packing up and bringing over our hot lunch orders tomorrow afternoon.

Everyone at JKE tomorrow will spend the day with Mme Kang and her students. She is planning your day. head straight to her class tomorrow morning. You still have Band in the afternoon, someone will let you into the chalet to grab your instrument if needed. You will also still get your hot lunch.

Any questions, let me know!

À demain or à lundi!