We did it!!

That’s it! That’s a wrap on the 2021-2022 school year, grade seven, and your elementary school career!

Today was a busy and fun way to finish up and sent everyone on their way. We took down the gym from Farewell, we decorated wooden tiles that will adorn the school somewhere (you’ll have to come back in the fall sometime to see where they end up!), we watched the Histoires de JKE movies they made with Mr V, and finally had our class auction! Everything was purchased, all money (I hope) was returned and students got to enjoy (or will enjoy) some fun little things. Thanks again to everyone who contributed.

Mr V and I would like to say thank you so much for the thoughtful gifts. We so appreciate the kind gestures and are very excited to use and enjoy them. We have both enjoyed the year immensely, this is such a lovely group of students who are going to flourish next year.

We wish you all a very fun and relaxing summer, hopefully you are able to do many wonderful things.

You’ll hear from me (Mme Soo) once more in the fall, and look forward to seeing you when you come back and visit.

For the last time, make good choices, be kind to others, bon été, et à la prochaine!

le 28 juin

What a fun day!!

So nice to see everyone this morning for the ceremony. It felt so good to get back to a normal Farewell ceremony after a couple years of alternatives.

After recess, the yearbooks were distributed and students got a chance to sign each others. Then pizza and soda, then the DISCO! We are so fortunate to have a great DJ come and create such a fun environment for the students. They danced and danced the whole afternoon!

Tomorrow students will be dismissed at noon, and we have lots to do in the morning. Take down the gym, a memorial art project, Div 1 has videos to watch and we need to do our class auction. By no means will anyone be kicked out when the bell rings at 12:00 if we haven’t done everything we need to. Also, both Mr V and I will be here tomorrow 🙂

À demain!

Le 27 juin

What a hot, busy day!

We spent the morning creating art to decorate the gym for farewell tomorrow. After lunch we set up the chairs and went through a rehearsal of the ceremony. Then, students cleaned out and packed up their supplies.

Tomorrow is an exciting day!

Families- the gym doors open at 9am for you. The ceremony starts at 9:30 and should be done by 10:30 at which photos and other social things will happen, and we ask that you be done and have left 11:00 so our other festivities can occur.

At 11:00 we have a couple activities to do. At noon we will enjoy pizza and pop. After lunch the DJ will be here and the gym will become a disco for the rest of the afternoon.

Don’t forget, the theme is “Fancy/VIP/Hollywood” and students are encouraged to dress accordingly. The weather should be cooler than today, with a chance of rain near the end of the day.

Can’t wait to celebrate our wonderful grade 7s tomorrow!

À demain!

le 24 juin

What. A. Great. Day!!!!

The waterpark was sooooo fun! And we had the BEST weather. So thankful that we were able to go and there were no hiccups (that I know of?). Seems like everyone had a good time and the line up for Triple Os wasn’t that bad 🙂

I am also so thankful that I got to stay behind for the WGSS Grad Walk. I got to see many former students who are graduating this year and relive wonderful memories in the chalet. Hard to believe that 5 years from now these grade 7s will return as high school graduates.

Thank you thank you thank you to our parent drivers today, you are the heroes of the day!! Getting us there and back, and the traffic wasn’t great… hopefully your riders were polite and not too loud.

The plan for Monday:

  • decorate the gym for Farewell (morning)
  • ceremony rehearsal (after lunch probably)
  • the big classroom clean out/up (please remember an extra bag or 2 for all your stuff!)
  • Class Auction! (if time is looking tight I’ll figure something out… maybe a silent auction)

Have a wonderful final weekend of the school year, it’s going to be quite warm (finally!)

Looking forward to a busy but celebratory final week together ❤

À lundi! (pour la dernière fois…)

le 23 juin

What a day (filled with sugar)!

First thing this morning we had a PowWow Dance workshop which I thought was amazing! The instructor was so knowledgable and taught us so much not only about the dancing but also indigenous culture. We even got learn some of the steps and got to try them out to some amazing music. Quite the cardio experience! She was very impressed at the classes participation.

After we headed to the Crepe Truck to try out a yummy crepe, and the owner of the truck is Quebecoise! Very fun.

The students used their 60 minutes of extra recess the rest of the morning and in the afternoon enjoyed their second class party. Thanks to everyone that brought in yumyums (sorry if they’re hyped on sugar, we had a LOT of soda) and watched a movie. Very fun.

Waterpark tomorrow!

It’s going to be very warm and sunny (yay!) so students are reminded to pack and dress accordingly:

  • hat, sunscreen, swim suit, towel, sandals, change of clothes
  • FULL water bottle, lunch and several snacks (there is a Triple 0s truck but it’ll probably be busy)
  • beach toys and water toys are not permitted

The plan is to leave around 9:40 for the waterpark and leave the waterpark between 1:00 and 1:15.

It’s going to be a fun day!

le 21 juin

Today the French 6/7s performed their Band concert. It was so nice to see their hard work and practice from throughout the year culminate in a couple of great songs! And the solos that some of Div 1 stood up to perform were amazing!

Tomorrow is the last full day with Mr V, next week is just a half day on Wednesday and we will both be here.

Thursday is another busy day- to celebrate French culture we are bringing in a Crepe Truck for the whole school. Students can pick between a butter/sugar or jam crepe. No money is needed. We are also having 60 minutes of extra recess as 3 coupons were purchased. In the afternoon we are having our second class party, speak with Johnny as he is planning it.

Friday is Waterpark. The weather is looking very nice! I will give full details on Thursday, but will be emailing our drivers later this afternoon.

À jeudi!

Le 20 juin

What a day!!

This morning we had our year end assembly where we said thank yous and farewells. The grade 7s then ceremoniously left the assembly and the grade 6s were promoted up onto the benches.

After recess we wrote our final math test of the year on algebra.

After lunch, the class had their first party, where they decided on a giant game of capture the flag outside using all the of the space. It looked so fun! Thanks to Lila for bringing in the sodas for everyone!

Tomorrow is the Band Concert, dont forget your instruments!

À demain!

le 17 juin

So nice of the sun to spend most of the day with us 🙂

This morning we had PE for the last time (hopefully). I also set the framework for your final Math Assessment- Algebra for Monday (see Teams for more info). We had some yummy hot lunch and watched the English grade 6/7s perform their band concert.

**update- we now have enough drivers to go to the waterpark, thank you so much!!** I now only need 2 or 3 more drivers for the waterpark next week! 6 spots left to fill!

Thanks to those have brought in items for the Class Auction already. I am still collecting 🙂

The class has been learning about the dangers of vaping with Mr V and their learning culminated in making some very striking infographics. They are so good I had to share them with you!

Next week is BUSY!

Lundi: Year end Assembly, Math Assessment, Class Fete (Jonathan is organizing- I posted a ‘what’s happening’ on Teams if you want to communicate and plan on there)

Mardi: National Indigenous People’s Day, French Band Concert

Mercredi: Dernier jour avec Mr V (he will be here on the last day but it’s only a half day and I will be there too)

Jeudi- Crepe Truck, 60 min de Recreation Extra, Class Fete (Jonathan is organizing)

Vendredi- Waterpark!(?)- hopefully. If not, the WGSS Grad Walk is happening, we’ll go to Gym, we’ll do fun stuff

We also need to do our final class clean up/take all your stuff home (probably Thursday morning) and a couple self-reflections.

Have a great weekend! Wishing all the fathers and father figures a very Happy Father’s Day! À lundi!

le 16 juin

Happy Thursday!

The students had a great morning with Mrs Sales, then for the afternoon they completed a self-reflection for the Socials project and the Soo-permarché was opened for the last time. 2 class parties and an hour of extra recess were purchased! Next week is shaping up to be very fun and busy!

Speaking of next week, we are still very short for drivers to the waterpark next Friday. As of now, I have spots for 16 students, which means I still need drivers for 13 more. If I don’t get enough drivers by Tuesday, Division 1 will have to stay at JKE on Friday.

Les Devoirs:

  • Education Physique et Diner Chaud demain
  • mardi- Band Concert
  • Please send in Auction items

À demain!

le 14 juin

What a day!!! Everyone deserves a huge pat on the back for being such an engaged and informative group of museum curators. We received numerous compliments about how great our displays were, and how enthusiastic students were to share their knowledge. Bravo les amis!

I have marked the projects, I will give back the rubrics later this week. Projects were left on tables after school so I could enjoy and mark them all. Plus Mr V gets to see them tomorrow. Students can take their projects home tomorrow (no you may not throw them out/recycle them at school, do with what you want at home).

I am still looking for drivers for the waterpark next Friday!

We had our last band class before our concert next Tuesday afternoon.

Por demain:

  • vous travaillez sur les affiches de vapotage
  • pensez à votre idée: Histoires de JKE

À jeudi!