le 9 juin

Thanks again to the class for their pretty good behaviour on Tuesday while I was away. I can happily say that I am finally feeling almost 100%.

Today was a busy but great day. We started with a great conversation and presentation from Sergeant Baker, who comes in every year he has a grade 7 student, to talk about his experience after 1000s of interviews with people with some connection to drugs (dealers, users, addicts etc) about the risks and realities of today’s drug scene. He also concludes with challenging students to come up with a plan on how to get out of doing drugs if asked by someone. It is a powerful and informative talk and we are so thankful that he is able to take time out his day to visit us.

After lunch we had an assembly! Our first of the year! We celebrated our Track & Field champions and it was a joyous and wonderful event. The grade 7s even got to sit on benches!

Tomorrow is supposed to be Sports Day. Students are reminded and encouraged to dress accordingly (think what you coulda woulda shoulda done for Camp and do that). It is not hot lunch so bring food, and money for concession if you want.

If it is not Sports Day, it will be a normal Friday- Gym, Band and work.

À demain!