le 14 juin

What a day!!! Everyone deserves a huge pat on the back for being such an engaged and informative group of museum curators. We received numerous compliments about how great our displays were, and how enthusiastic students were to share their knowledge. Bravo les amis!

I have marked the projects, I will give back the rubrics later this week. Projects were left on tables after school so I could enjoy and mark them all. Plus Mr V gets to see them tomorrow. Students can take their projects home tomorrow (no you may not throw them out/recycle them at school, do with what you want at home).

I am still looking for drivers for the waterpark next Friday!

We had our last band class before our concert next Tuesday afternoon.

Por demain:

  • vous travaillez sur les affiches de vapotage
  • pensez à votre idée: Histoires de JKE

À jeudi!