le 23 juin

What a day (filled with sugar)!

First thing this morning we had a PowWow Dance workshop which I thought was amazing! The instructor was so knowledgable and taught us so much not only about the dancing but also indigenous culture. We even got learn some of the steps and got to try them out to some amazing music. Quite the cardio experience! She was very impressed at the classes participation.

After we headed to the Crepe Truck to try out a yummy crepe, and the owner of the truck is Quebecoise! Very fun.

The students used their 60 minutes of extra recess the rest of the morning and in the afternoon enjoyed their second class party. Thanks to everyone that brought in yumyums (sorry if they’re hyped on sugar, we had a LOT of soda) and watched a movie. Very fun.

Waterpark tomorrow!

It’s going to be very warm and sunny (yay!) so students are reminded to pack and dress accordingly:

  • hat, sunscreen, swim suit, towel, sandals, change of clothes
  • FULL water bottle, lunch and several snacks (there is a Triple 0s truck but it’ll probably be busy)
  • beach toys and water toys are not permitted

The plan is to leave around 9:40 for the waterpark and leave the waterpark between 1:00 and 1:15.

It’s going to be a fun day!