le 24 juin

What. A. Great. Day!!!!

The waterpark was sooooo fun! And we had the BEST weather. So thankful that we were able to go and there were no hiccups (that I know of?). Seems like everyone had a good time and the line up for Triple Os wasn’t that bad 🙂

I am also so thankful that I got to stay behind for the WGSS Grad Walk. I got to see many former students who are graduating this year and relive wonderful memories in the chalet. Hard to believe that 5 years from now these grade 7s will return as high school graduates.

Thank you thank you thank you to our parent drivers today, you are the heroes of the day!! Getting us there and back, and the traffic wasn’t great… hopefully your riders were polite and not too loud.

The plan for Monday:

  • decorate the gym for Farewell (morning)
  • ceremony rehearsal (after lunch probably)
  • the big classroom clean out/up (please remember an extra bag or 2 for all your stuff!)
  • Class Auction! (if time is looking tight I’ll figure something out… maybe a silent auction)

Have a wonderful final weekend of the school year, it’s going to be quite warm (finally!)

Looking forward to a busy but celebratory final week together ❤

À lundi! (pour la dernière fois…)