le 28 septembre

Another busy day!

Grade 6/7s learned about Enrichment today. It’s an opportunity for students to spend Friday afternoons (during school hours) doing something enriching to their learning, but that isn’t Math or Language Arts etc. The grade 6/7 teachers each offer something different, and students are placed in one of their top 3 choices. It’s kind of like electives or explorations at high school or middle school. Ask your child what their top 3 are!

We met up with our little buddies this afternoon to help them with an autumnal art project. I am super impressed with how well our class interacts with their littles, bravo les amis!

This evening is Meet The Teacher, 6pm-7pm. Hoping to see you all!

Tomorrow is Orange Shirt Day. Students are encouraged to wear orange if they have it.

Les devoirs:

  • Orchestre demain
  • vendredi: National Day for Truth & Reconciliation (pas d’ecole)

Have a great day with Mme Shak demain! À lundi!

le 27 septembre

So much excitement around Day 1 of Band! Loved hearing all the comments at the end of the day 🙂 Please remind and encourage your child to bring their instrument home to practice, everyday!

I am looking for a Room Parent for this year! I find in grade 7 it isn’t too much of a job, but’s always helpful to have one. If you’re interested, please email me! Thanks in advance!!

Tomorrow evening is Meet the Teacher! Between 6pm-7pm families are invited to drop by the chalet to look around and meet me! It’s better if you are accompanied by your child, as they can show you around and introduce me, however I would love to meet you either way. Mme Riznek and I are encouraging both of our classes to meet both of us, as your child has one of us for Math or Socials.

Les Devoirs:

  • 7mes: Math- both circle multiplication sheets due demain, page titre La Prehistoire due demain
  • demain: Education Physique, $1 Treat Day after school
  • jeudi- Orange Shirt Day, Orchestre
  • vendredi- National Day for Truth & Reconciliation (pas d’ecole)

Ă€ demain!

le 26 septembre

Happy Fall 🙂

About half the class shared their Moi Dans Un Sac this morning. I love hearing and seeing all the different interests and aspects of everyone in the class. If you didn’t present today, please be ready for tomorrow.

We finished our day doing some school service by wandering the grounds and picking up (safely) any garbage that we found.

Les Devoirs:

  • demain: Moi Dans Un Sac presentations, Orchestre
  • mercredi- Education Physique, Treat Day after school (everything $1)
  • jeudi- Orange Shirt Day, Orchestre
  • vendredi- National Day for Truth & Reconciliation (no school)

Ă€ demain!

le 21 septembre

**edit** Tomorrow is our Terry Fox Run! Please ensure you are dressed accordingly to run outside. Merci!

Phew! Wednesdays are busy!

We had our first PE period this morning, it went pretty well!

Before lunch we did another team building activity, here are some action shots:

We met our little buddies this afternoon. I love seeing the big kids interact with the littles, and everyone did a great job!

Just a reminder that Mme Shak is here tomorrow, remember our routines and help her with them so we stay consistent.

Les Devoirs:

  • 7mes- Basic Computation Sheet due demain
  • envelope blanche
  • vendredi- pas d’ecole
  • lundi- Moi Dans Un Sac commence


le 20 septembre

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

This morning we talked about the life and legacy of Terry Fox, then headed to Mme Riznek’s class to participate in a virtual session with Naika, a representative from the Terry Fox Foundation. Our run is on Thursday, hopefully you got the email from Mrs Sollows and are able to contribute a donation online to add to the over $850 million that has been collected since the beginning of the Marathon of Hope.

Just a reminder that Friday is a non-instructional day for students.

Les Devoirs:

  • Education Physique demain (students should come dressed ready for PE and bring a change of clothes for after)
  • 6mes Maths: partage “Are You Ready for Gr 6 Math” and apporte demain pour Mme
  • 7mes Math: show and share “Are You Ready for Gr 7 Math” and bring back to Mme Riznek demain
  • still waiting on a few Verification and Reunification forms

Ă€ demain!

le 16 septembre

Happy Friday!

I’m happy to report that both Mr Buchin (Wednesday’s TTOC) and Mme Shak (my job share partner) had lovely days with Division 3, so thank you to everyone who helped make that happen!

I shared some news with the class this afternoon: I am expecting my second child, and am due January 1st. That means that Mme Shak and I will be here for the first term, then another amazing teacher will take over in the new year. I apologize if this creates any anxiety for students or families, but I am confident that we will have an amazing term 1 together, and the class will create a wonderful community together to welcome the new teacher in the new year. Our grade 7s will be well taken care, our other grade 7 teachers will make sure they are included and don’t miss out on anything. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me.

We started our Class Economy today, I am encouraged by everyone’s enthusiasm about it and look forward to include in our everyday routine. I also encourage you to ask them about it!

I sent home our Welcome Letter today, it has our weekly schedule and other important information about Division 3. Please take a look and keep somewhere safe for your reference.

Les Devoirs:

  • lundi- Pas d’Ecole
  • White Envelope (please look over, make changes, sign and return)
  • vendredi- Pas d’Ecole

Bonne fin de semaine! À mardi!

le 14 septembre


Unfortunately I was away today for an appointment, I hope you had a nice day with the TTOC.

Also, because I was away today I didn’t get to share that I work 4 days a week, and this year Thursdays are the day that I will not be there. Fortunately, Mme Shakeraneh will be in on Thursdays, and you get to meet her tomorrow. I know you will be as wonderful with her and you have been with me. I will be back on Friday, can’t wait to hear about how great the last 2 days have been!

A few things to note in our upcoming schedule:

  • Friday is Picture Day (don’t wear a green shirt unless you want to be a floating head)
  • Monday there is no school for the Day of Mourning of Queen Elizabeth II
  • please sign and return the verification and reunification forms sooner rather than later
  • you should have received an email from the district to fill out a form for media consent, tech consent and walking permission. Please fill that out ASAP so we can get going with tech

Ă€ vendredi!

le 13 septembre

A fun second day as Division 3 🙂

We continue to settle in, we tried out a fun small group challenge today as we develop our classroom community, and we asked ourself “qui est Mme Soo?” in a fun Blooket, that I think we will play again tomorrow to get better acquainted with both me and Blooket.

Students took home an envelope for you to look through, it contains your child’s verification and reunification forms. Please look those over and send them back at your earliest convenience.

Ă€ demain!

Bonjour et Bienvenue!

Welcome to the class blog for Division 3!

Each day, any homework, announcements and reminders will be posted. From time to time, interesting events from the day will also be shared.

I would suggest that you input your email address to the right where it says FOLLOW. That way, when a post is published, it gets sent to your email. A simple and easy way to keep informed 🙂

We had a lovely day today, adjusting to life in the Chalet. We organized our supplies, made name tags, and learned about most of the routines and procedures for the class. It was a pleasure meeting everyone and I think I am proficient in remembering everyone’s name.

If you are here then you have accomplished today’s homework! As a reward, here is an answer to something we are doing tomorrow- le nom de ma fille est Anna.

Ă€ demain!