le 14 septembre


Unfortunately I was away today for an appointment, I hope you had a nice day with the TTOC.

Also, because I was away today I didn’t get to share that I work 4 days a week, and this year Thursdays are the day that I will not be there. Fortunately, Mme Shakeraneh will be in on Thursdays, and you get to meet her tomorrow. I know you will be as wonderful with her and you have been with me. I will be back on Friday, can’t wait to hear about how great the last 2 days have been!

A few things to note in our upcoming schedule:

  • Friday is Picture Day (don’t wear a green shirt unless you want to be a floating head)
  • Monday there is no school for the Day of Mourning of Queen Elizabeth II
  • please sign and return the verification and reunification forms sooner rather than later
  • you should have received an email from the district to fill out a form for media consent, tech consent and walking permission. Please fill that out ASAP so we can get going with tech

À vendredi!