le 7 octobre

Felt so weird going over the day this morning. We haven’t had a Friday in so long 😀

We wrote our first Examen de Dictee this morning, I think it went well, I will be looking them over this weekend. I looked at the stats from the Blooket and it looks like some people spent time at home reviewing with it, which is great!

We also did some writing in French reflecting on what we are thankful for in honour of the upcoming holiday Monday. We have some good writers in Div 3!

We had our first Enrichment afternoon today! I had a great time with my Textiles group, we did some health and safety and then played with plastic lacing! Also, thanks to the cooking group for sharing some of their rice crispy squares with me!

Les Devoirs:

  • lundi- Action de Grâce (pas d’école)
  • mardi- Quiz Et/Est
    • Orchestre
    • 6mes- SH: Recherche sur nos municipalité- premières 6 boîtes
    • 7mes- “Jobs of the Past Assignment” due à 11h35 (with in-class time)

Bonne fin de semaine!