Le 17 octobre


I just wanted to touch base with everyone as I was away Friday and today. I am feeling much better and will be back tomorrow. I’m sure everything went well with the TTOC’s while I was away.

Tomorrow we will pick up where we left off, we have our Examen de Dictee 2 and our Quiz: À/A/As to do. I will extend both of the blooket links for you to review with. I will also put both Dictee 2a and 2b below. Reminder that they will be combined and changed up a bit for the Examen.
Dictee 2 Blooket Homophones À/A/As Blooket

We also have Band tomorrow.

Wednesday and Thursday are early dismissal at 1:33 for conferences. I believe I am all booked on Wednesday so please email me if you don’t have a time with me and would like one. I would love if you and your child attended the conference, unless there is something specific you would like to chat about without them present.

Friday is a Pro D, so no school for students.

The Scholastic Book Fair is happening this week, I’m hoping to visit as a class so consider sending along some funds for your child in case they want to purchase something. You can also attend before or after your conference.

Dictee 2a:

À la sortie de l’usine, le directeur rencontre des visiteurs.
« Bonjour, comment va votre famille? »

« Ça va! »

« Au revoir et bonne journée! »

Dictee 2b:

Mon père a mangé du fromage et un œuf, il est un peu malade. Mon oncle joue de la musique à un mariage.

À demain!