le 18 octobre

So nice to be back and see everyone’s faces! I definitely missed the class. We were able to cet caught up on most things, so that’s good.

Grade 6s received their immunization envelopes today. Please take a look, sign and return for Monday.

Mrs Drummond sent home a parent contact form as our Class Parent, please take a look. I am also attaching a digital copy below because many were left on tables at the end of the day 😐

I am very excited to see many of you tomorrow for conferences! I am booked solid from 2:00pm- 7:30 so please try and be as on time as possible. As well, I’d love if you brought your child, unless you have something you’d like to discuss without them present, I think it can be very valuable for them to be included in conversations about their own learning.

Lots of things happening this week:

  • demain: Gr 7 Volleybal; Practice 8:00am
    • Education Physique
    • Examen de Dictée 2 (I extended the Blooket again if you want to practice, I posted 2a et 2b on yesterday’s post)
    • 1:33 Départ for Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • jeudi- Orchestre
    • Dîner Chaud
    • 1:33 Départ for Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • vendredi- pas d’école
  • Book Fair happening tomorrow and jeudi

À demain!