le 28 octobre

Another busy but good day!

We wrote our third Examen de Dictee this morning, our longest one yet. Hopefully the students are catching on to the system and will start to see some good progression in their results.

We have a verb quiz on Monday, the Blooket is available for practice.

We had Enrichment this morning, sounds like the different groups are starting to make some good progress in their respective areas. We have 4 more meetings this term.

This afternoon I tried something I’ve never done before. Students were given free range to create an art piece, using whatever medium they wanted, inspired by our current season, Halloween or how they were feeling today. I am so happy to report that the 40 minutes they had were really used well, and the art pieces that were/are being completed are amazing. Students used a variety of mediums and were inspired by different things, and had some really good conversations about what they were making and doing and seeing etc. I am honestly not surprised with this group, but I am so happy that it went well. The students will be completing a self-reflection on their art piece next week, which will be used to decide a proficiency for this task. Once all the pieces are installed in our ‘gallery’, I will share a pic. But I did snap one of everyone engaged in their work for you.

Spooktacular is this evening! For everyone attending, have a wonderful time!

Les Devoirs:

  • lundi- Halloween! (costumes?)
    • Quiz- Verbes ER au present
    • 6mes- Math, be ready!
    • 7mes- Vball practice 2h45 PERMISSION FORMS
  • Mardi- PJ Day
    • Orchestre
    • 7mes- Vball Game @…

Bonne fin de semaine!