le 15 novembre

What a productive day today!

Our Dictée this week is one of my favourites! Lots of new and interesting vocabulary (menuisier? clouer? raboter? atelier?). Reminder that our Examen de Dictée 4 and our Quiz: Ces/Ses/C’est will both occur on Monday as there is no school on Friday.

Attention Young Entrepreneurs (Enrichment)! You will be receiving an information package during Band on Thursday which will contain all the info you need to be ready and successful for the YE Fair on December 7.

Les Devoirs:

  • demain: 7mes- Vball Prac 8h00
    • Education Physique
    • 6mes- Math: “Cross It Out” feuille
    • 7mes: 3 pages of Decimal Multiplication and 1 page of word problems

À demain!