le 16 novembre

Another busy and productive day!

We are really coming along in volleyball. I assessed their ball control (volley and bump) for the first time today. I will assess again in a couple weeks to see if any further progress has been made.

After recess we heard the last Dictee for the week. The examen will be on Monday. We will also have a quiz on the rule- ces/ses/c’est. The Dictee 4 Blooket will be available all weekend for review.

In Math, the 7s continue working towards mastery of decimal multiplication and the 6s continue working with prime and composite numbers (numbers premiers et composés).

I forgot to mention yesterday that we started our On Partage activity in French. One day per week students will be given a random topic and time to prepare their thoughts before sharing out in front of the class. It’s a really easy and low stakes way for students to practice speaking in French in front of others. Typically Term 2 is when Concours d’Arts Oratoire happens, which is a much. more formal (and stressful) public speaking opportunity, and On Partage is my way of easing students into it. Our subject this week was “the best season and why” Ask your child what they chose and why!

Have a great day with Mme Shak demain! Reminder that Friday is a Jour de Congé for students.

Les Devoirs:

  • lundi- Examen de Dictée 4 et Quiz: Ses/Ces/C’est
    • 6mes- Math: Labyrinthe des Nombres Premiers et Composés

À lundi!