le 21 novembre

Today busy but fun!

I had a great weekend and we spent some time this morning talking about. I’m a huge ancient civilization nut and I was treated to the Beyond Tut exhibit at the Convention Centre downtown. I showed the class some of the photos I took and the swag I got.

Then we went to watch the Langley Children’s Choir perform for us, it was very well done! They same some very entertaining songs. Div 3 was very well behaved.

We had quite a bit of French to do today (it is report card season), some Math and some English at the end of the day.

Les Devoirs:

  • demain- Orchestre
    • 7me Volleyball Game (Home!) against DPE
  • Math- 7mes- Test Thursday
    • 6mes- Evaluation Finale due vendredi
  • vendredi- Enrichment and Diner Chaud

À demain!