le 22 novembre

Happy Soggy Tuesday! We had 7 friends away today. There is definitely something nasty going around, my daughter is also home sick. Please remind your child about proper hand hygiene!

Double inside recess today, thankfully our class is pretty chill and able to find something quiet and appropriate to occupy their time.

Grade 7s started their Lascaux inspired art project today, I love this project so much!

Grade 6s continued working on their Evaluation Finale for Math.

Grade 7s have their last volleyball of the season, a home game finally, against Dorothy Peacock.

Les Devoirs:

  • demain: Education Physique
  • 7mes- Math: Test jeudi
  • 6mes- Math: Eval Finale due vendredi
  • vendredi- Examen de Dictee 5
    • Enrichment
    • Diner Chaud

À demain!