le 23 novembre

We had 7 missing friends again today. Hoping you are all on the upswing from whatever is ailing you. My daughter is still sick as well…

We played an actual volleyball in gym today! I think it went really well. We have some awesome leaders from the Grade 7 team, but everyone is really showing improvement/engagement etc, and I love it!

While doing French work today we also viewed some of the Canada/Belgium World Cup match, which we also continued during lunch.

Grade 7s finished their Lascaux inspired art, I can’t wait to put them up and show you!

Grade 6s continued work on their Evaluations Finales for Math. I am really impressed at how hard they are working and how engaged they are in the process. I know that they probably have never done a Math assessment like this and it seems like they are responding very positively to it.

JKE is currently running a warm clothing drive for Kimz Angels. Jackets, gloves, blankets, hard warmers, socks are all being collected, new or gently used and clean.

Giving Trees are up and running! The trees are covered in tags and waiting in the foyer! We are supporting several families with 4 or 5 children each. Please tag a tag (or multiple), acquire the item and bring it back under the tree, WITH THE TAG ATTACHED. We are also running a coin drive next week to purchase any items we do not receive. Thanks in advance! JKE always does an amazing job with Giving Trees ❤

Les Devoirs:

  • Grade 7s- Math Test demain
  • Grade 6s- Math Evaluation Finale due vendredi (1 more work block demain aves Mme Shak)
  • vendredi- Examen de Dictee 5 (here’s the Blooket)
    • Enrichment
    • Diner Chaud
  • lundi- Quiz- IR verbes au présent

Bonne journée demain, à vendredi!