Le 29 octobre

Another busy day!

We did another On Partage this morning, “what would you do with $1 million?” We have some very generous students in Div 3! Then the students compiled their Dictee results and looked over their On Partage feedback in order the complete their French Self-Reflection. You will get to read their thoughts in their report card.

We switched off for Socials. Gr 7s are wrapping up the term by discussing the Agricultural (or Neolithic) Revolution.

After lunch, Band and Math happened. Our 6s have started examining number patterns to wrap up the term, and 7s continue to work through operations with decimals. In Band, final preparations are happening for our Winter Concert.

Then, the snow started. I hope you all made it home safe, and remain safe. For those that may be curious, the district will decide and announce school closures by 6:30 that day. Please check the district website or their social media pages, or listen to the news for the most up to date information. School staff find out the same way you do.

Les Devoirs:

  • Demain: Éducation Physique
  • 6mes- SH- Collaboration Globale Questions
    • Math-input/output machine feuille
  • Giving Trees- Tags and Coin Drive
  • vendredi- 90s Day, Enrichment