le 5 decembre

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Today we started a winter holiday project to finish up our English this term. Students are researching different winter traditions from around the world and creating one-page non-fiction documents incorporating various text features. A part of their final assessment is a conference with me where we discuss which text features the included and why (none isn’t an option!) Once they are done I’ll print them and post them up so everyone can learn about different cultures and traditions, so fun!

We are also incorporating the idea of diversity and inclusion into our decorative banner for the gym. Students have all selected a different language and have researched how to say Happy Holidays (or Merry Christmas if it’s applicable) in that language, and the flag of a country that speaks that language. We will compile their artistic pieces onto a class banner which you will be able to see at the Winter Concert next week.

Giving Trees are ongoing this week. There are tags still on the trees in the foyer, if your family hasn’t grabbed one yet, it’s a great way to give back this time of year 🙂

Our Young Entrepreneur Fair is on Wednesday, which was one of our Enrichment choices this term. Our class will be going to check out the various products Wednesday morning if you’d like to send along some pocket change. We have 5 students from Div 3 participating!

Les Devoirs:

  • orchestre demain (only 2 more classes til the concert!)
  • 6mes- Math: Quiz mercredi (Les Suites Numériques et les Machines Entrée/Sortie
    • SH- Collaboration Globale Qs

À demain!