Demain: le 9 décembre

Good afternoon! Sorry for no post yesterday, but of a crazy afternoon.

Hope you had a good day with Mme Shak. Just a reminder that her last day is next Thursday.

Just wanted to update and remind about tomorrow:

  • There will not be Enrichment tomorrow, the teachers feel that we don’t need a final session now that Young Entrepreneurs has wrapped up.
  • We have some things to finish up tomorrow- 7s: your Agricultural Revolution advertisement is due, 6s- some of you have a Math Quiz to write. Many of you need to finish up your Winter Tradition one pager and your Happy Holidays art piece.
  • in the afternoon we will have some cozy time, the Soo-permarche will be open and I have a little something planned for you.

Term 1 report cards will also be published in the afternoon.

À demain!